About The Course

Join Arena's Animation Film Design (AFD) course and make a successful career in animation filmmaking. The course prepares you for high-paying career options in making films, creating shows for TV, computer games, mobile games, websites, media, and other exciting industries.


By 2020, the Animation & VFX industry in India will be worth 11360 crores*. There is huge demand for animation in almost every media-related industry, and every company wants to hire trained professionals. With Arena, you can develop your creative & technical skills in animation filmmaking, walk away with a professional work portfolio, and be a part of this dynamic industry.


The AFD program covers techniques of pre-production, anatomy design, animatics, visualization, character design & development, animation scene planning and 2D animation.


Courses Highlights

Animation Prime Modules

Semester 1

Modules Tools
Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques --
Anatomy Drawing --
Body Language & Expressions --
Lights, Colour & Perspectives --
Creating Digital Art
Adobe Photoshop Extended
Adobe Photoshop Extended --
Anatomy Study --
Animation Concepts --

Concept Design, Development & Storytelling Techniques

Scriptwriting for Animation --
Character Design & Development
Concepts Adobe Photoshop Extended
Concepts - Adobe Photoshop Extended --
Acting & Voice Characterization  
Concepts - Adobe Audition
Concepts Adobe Audition
Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches  
Visual Scripting with Film Language  
Storyboarding for Animatics
Adobe Photoshop Extended
Editing for Animatics Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Premier Pro --
Showreel Development  
You will get a Certificate in AFD - Pre-Production Specialist on completion of the first semester of the course.
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Semester 2

Modules Tools
Principles of Animation
Timing for Animation -
Keyframing, Inbetweening & Clean-ups
Digital Ink & Paint Adobe Flash Professional/Toonboom
Animation Scene Planning

Adobe Flash Professional/Toonboom
2D Animation Post production
Adobe Flash Professional/Toonboom
Showreel Development --
You will get a Certificate in AFD - 2D Production Specialist on completing two semesters of the course.
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Semester 3

Modules Tools
Clay Modelling --
Modeling with Maya
Autodesk Maya
Texturing with Maya Autodesk Maya
Rigging with MAYA
Autodesk Maya
Character Animation with Maya
Autodesk Maya
Lighting and Rendering with Maya

Autodesk Maya
Dynamics & Simulations Golaem Crowd & Autodesk Maya
Pixar Renderman
Pixar Renderman

Digital Fx
Adobe After Effects Professional
Digital Video Editing, Color Grading & Finishing

Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Prelude
Showreel Development --

You will get a Certificate in AFD - 3D Production Specialist on completing the first & third semesters of the course.


On completion of all three semesters, you get a certificate of Animation Film Design Specialist.

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