About The Course

Arena's Trinity 3D is a complete package! Get skills in three in-demand industries – 2d animation and 3d animation course, VFX & gaming. Triple your career opportunities by completing this premium 3-in-1 course*. Bollywood & Hollywood films, TV programs & advertisements rely on VFX & animation to add supplementary touches to their works, be it to create a mythical creature, a historical era or enhance the natural surroundings. By 2020, the Animation & VFX industry in India will be worth 11360 crores.** The Gaming industry is growing fast too, at a CAGR of 18.2%.** Trinity 3D trains you in all aspects of 2d and 3d animation, VFX and gaming. With three exciting industries to choose from, on competing this course, you get competitive edge over others. *At select centres only

Courses Highlights

Trinity 3D Modules

Semester 1

Modules Tools
Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques --
Anatomy Drawing --
Body Language & Expressions --
Lights, Color & Perspectives --
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop Extended CC
Animation Concepts --
Concept Design, Development & Storytelling Techniques --
Scriptwriting for Animation --

Character Design & Development
Adobe Photoshop Extended
Acting & Voice Characterization Adobe Audition
Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches --
Visual Scripting with Film Language --
Storyboarding for Animatics Adobe Photoshop Extended
Editing for Animatics Adobe Premier Pro

Principles of Animation
Timing for Animation --
Pre-Production Portfolio --

Semester 2

Modules Tools
Fundamentals of VFX and 3D Basics --
Digital Modeling with Maya MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
Digital Sculpting Z Brush 4R8
Texturing 3D Models with Maya MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
Lighting Models with Maya MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender/Unity
Rigging 3D Models with Maya
MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
3D Character Animation & Rotomation MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
Particle & Dynamics MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender

FX & Simulation
MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender
Working with Arnold Renderer Arnold Renderer for Maya
3D Design Portfolio with Specialisation
(Choose 1 elective)
(1) 3D Asset Artist (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting)
(2) Lighting & Rendering
(3) Rigging & Animation
(4) 3D FX, Dynamics & Simulation
Introduction to Unity Game Engine Unity Game Engine
Asset & Environment Modeling
MAYA Unlimited 2018/ZBrush/Blender/Unity

3D Texturing for Games
Substance Painter 2/Unity
Lighting & Rendering for Games
MAYA Unlimited 2018/Blender/Unity
Unity Game Engine Workflow Unity Game Engine
3D Game Portfolio Project - 3D Game Assets
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Semester 3

Modules Tools
VFX Film making - Pre to Post Production --
Layer-Based Compositing Adobe After Effects Professional CC/Natron
Pre-visualization & VFX Video Shoot Maya & Adobe Premiere
Introduction to Nuke
Rotoscopy using Silhoutte
Roto and RotoPaint

Wire removal Nuke/Natron
Colour Correction Nuke/Natron

Green/ Blue screen
Matchmoving Techniques

NukeX/Mocha/3D Equalizer
Matte Painting Nuke & Photoshop
Time Remapping & Bounding Boxes
Channel & Multi passes Nuke
Advanced Compositing Tools


FX with Houdini

Z-depth & Multipass Compositing
Digital Portfolio Development
Project - VFX Compositing
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