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Be the game changer like Rahul Dravid, our brand ambassador. 

Begin your career in creative fields such as animation, VFX, web & graphics, broadcast, digital design & advertising, and multimedia. 

Discover your ‘creative future’ with Arena Animation




Enrol in a career course and enter the world of Animation industry..

Animation Prime

Animation Film Design


Learn to create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games .

VFX Prime

VFX Film Making

Web & Graphics

Become skilled at the latest tools & technologies of web designing, graphics, or print & publishing.

Graphics Web Design & Development

Web Design

Print & Publishing


Learn graphic designing, audio-video editing, compositing, and motion graphics for TV.

Broadcast Prime

Digital Design & Marketing

Intensive career courses helps you learn to create designs & marketing plans for digital campaigns .

Digital Advertising Design & Marketing

Digital Marketing


Get trained in digital graphics & image editing for well-paying jobs in the media & entertainment industry.

Web Design & Development Program

Multimedia Design Program

Design & Publishing Program

Job Ready

When you apply & appear for a job interview, you need to showcase job skills. Arena offers quick training in animation, VFX, graphics & web designing, broadcast, and multimedia.

Job Ready

Short Term Courses

Pick up a new skill or sharpen your skills in one or more software. Arena offers short-term courses to suit every need.

Short-Term Courses

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